Question: What are you going to do when you'll be retired? Was too hard your degree?

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  1. When I retire, I want to pack two suitcases, sell all of my other belongings and use the money to buy a boat so I can sail around the world! I wouldn’t say my degrees have been necessarily hard, but have taken a lot of patience, hard-work and perseverance! But of course there have been a lot of hard things too.


  2. Gosh what a question. Umm. Potentially living by the ocean in Canada or Cornwall or maybe somewhere in Scotland.

    My degree was suitably challenging, although I feel that I made it that way by choosing the modules that I did – I tried not to take things that I found easier as I wanted a challenge. My final year was definitely the hardest year – I think I would say that although it felt super stressful at the time it was character building at the same time and has made me become a better scientist.

    Every degree will be challenging at some point and no degree is simple!


  3. Hi asdfg, nice question! and a difficult one…I think I hope to have a lot of nephews to take care of, but also to have time to travel and discover new things with and for them.
    Actually, I think one of the more important thing when you get old is to keep contact with the new generations, so I hope to do so, maybe working for some association, preferably in a place next to the sea, of course! Sailing around the world sounds really good, but I cannot say it, since my own parents are doing that, and I cannot copy 😉
    Regarding my degree…what should I say? Everybody is scared by a degree in Physics, and indeed, there have been times when I cried because I thought I could not do it. But I was motivated to finish, I liked and still like the idea of working in research, so I did it! it required indeed hard-work, and stubbornness, but I made it. Nice fellow students and professors also helped. Now finishing my PhD is one of these challenges that sometimes makes me wonder “why?” but the job is great, so it’s easy to find the motivation!
    And I totally agree with Rehemat: I think all degrees are challenging, if you take them seriously!


  4. When I retire, I will probably be spending more time with my family and enjoying the hobbies that I like. I would not want to retire and stop using my brain. I would like to keep active but with less stress so that I can enjoy life.

    Yes, it was hard earning my degrees. But not so hard that many people could not accomplish it. I like to compare it with running a marathon. It is not important to finish fast, but to resist the urge to quit, to never give up, and to finish. With perseverance, anyone could do it.


  5. Hi asdfg, That’s a hard question! Given that I always love being on the go, I’ll probably still be doing of all the things I love to keep me on the go :).

    As for the difficulty in the degree, as the other scientists have pointed out, every degree has it’s challenges, so there is probably no degree which can be considered easy.