Question: Hey Anna, I wanted to ask you what was the most impressive thing you have witnessed in your entire career as a Sea Researcher?

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  1. Hi bloonan,
    I just got a similar question from another student, ella, and you can read my answer here

    While searching the aquatic life, did you discover some things that shocked you?

    however, she/he asked about aquatic life, but you asked a more general question, and here is my answer for you.
    It may sound not so strange, but the most impressive thing I have witnessed at sea is definitely the sea itself!
    I experienced some days, both in the Mediterranean Sea and in the North Sea, with very (very!) bad sea and weather conditions. It is difficult to imagine how scary the sea can look like, unless you are in a storm . Sea can change very rapidly, and from a gentle and just wavy, when the wind increases, it can suddenly turn in scary, black and white, foamy, chaotic mess.
    Waves really look like walls of water, you can see their power, and it is thrilling.
    In those occasions, we are not allowed to go outside, on the decks, because it is too dangerous. Safety first, of course, especially in the middle of the sea!
    Thus, I usually like to go to the command deck, the upper one. Is the one that moves the most, but you can have a spectacular view on the dark, angry sea, from up there!