Question: What are your methods to keep your students interested, curious and active?

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  1. Hi Anda:
    I teach a course of introductory geology to about 200 non-science undergraduates and it is a challenge to pay attention and to make the curious about geology. I try to make the lessons as relevant to students as I can. For example, in teaching the science method, I would present the scenario of how can they answer the question of “Why my car won’t start?” or “Why will my girlfriend/boyfriend will not return my calls/text?”. I explain hypotheses and experiments on how can they answer the questions that are relevant to them. Then, I explain that is the way that scientists tackle questions about the Earth.

    One of the way to keep students focused on the lesson is to have active participation of the students and to reduce how much time I spend lecturing. I also try to make the learning activities social so that they participate together on solving problems. For example, during class they will do 10-minute exercises and consult with their neighbors before discussing with the class.

    Keeping students motivated is always a challenge and I keep experimenting on ways to do it. This coming semester I plan to use twitter with students to send them geologically motivating videos to keep them hooked.