Question: How do you spend your holidays? Do you consider them a scientific trip?

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  1. Hi alex!
    during my holidays I usually either come back to Italy, where my family lives, or I travel with my backpack around a country I do not know. My last big adventure has been in Cuba: an amazing country, where I also had the occasion to meet very interesting people.
    I definitely do not consider my holidays a scientific trip.. 🙂 although if I am sailing on the Adriatic Sea, I sometimes found myself wondering around currents, waves and winds in a “scientific way”, but I think it’s quite normal, we are what we are, no matter if we are inside or outside the office.


  2. Hi Alex,

    No, I don’t consider them a scientific trip. When I was living abroad, I used to come to Malta to my family and friends. As yet, this year I haven’t decided what holiday I will take, but definitely, I do enjoy doing something outside of science as well. 🙂


  3. Hi Alex:
    I spend my holidays with family. When I can, I go to Puerto Rico so that we can spend time with our parents (and kids with grandparents). We love to go to the beach and hike in the mountains.

    I do not consider my holidays as scientific trips. During the holidays I just relax and spend time with family and friends. During a scientific field trip I have to plan and manage the work, and mentor students. So there is some level of stress that comes with it. Now, one thing that I like about being a geologist is to work in the field and enjoy nature and new cultures as part of the job.