Question: Do you also like topics of science you studied?

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  1. Dear Stefan,

    Yes, I do enjoy most scientific topics! 🙂

    What topics do you enjoy?


  2. Hi Stefan,
    yes, indeed I enjoyed studying Physics during my degree. Not everything, of course, for example I did not really like electromagnetism. However, during my university degree, I had the opportunity to chose a few courses, so I began to focus my study on fluid dynamics, that is the topic I like the most.
    In fact, a very positive aspect of the University is that you can decide for yourself what to focus on: sometimes is difficult to choose, there are so many options!, but with the help of other fellow students or friends or professors, you can decide what is best for you, for your career, and for your personal interests.
    I wish you good luck when will be your turn to decide!


  3. Hi Stefan,

    At school and during the earlier years of my undergraduate degree I much preferred physics (seismic interpretation and structural geology topics), but then I changed my mind in my final 2 years of my undergrad that I liked chemistry, in particular ocean chemistry, a lot more!

    Which topics do you like the most?