Question: How did you know that you wanted to be an oceanograph and at what age did you figured that out?

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  1. Hi justasickmonster,
    I honestly do not know exactly how the process went. I decided to study Physics at the end of my high school (age 18), and then, during the university, I figured out I could combine my love for the sea with Physics. So after my first 3 years at the University, I decided to change university, from one city to another, for the last 2, because I knew in the other city there were more courses in Oceanography, and also there was a research institute where I could do my thesis.
    So I think I decided when I was 22, or something like this, and the motivation was probably triggered by people I knew working in this field, but also by the possibility to work in order to better understand our planet and its climate, as well as by the chances to work on ships, of course!
    I think it is very important to chat with people doing different jobs or with scientists in different fields, especially when you’ll have to take your decision. It’s the only way to actually figure out what they do and to see if you would like to do the same!
    Also, do not be afraid to try things out, to start studying something and then change your mind. It is very common, and there is nothing wrong in it. You might “lose” 1 or 2 years at the University, but you’ll be doing something you really like!