Question: What person do you most respect?

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  1. Hi Andrei997,

    I always show respect to anyone, whatever their background, ethnicity or opinion. The world is beautiful just because we are all different, hence, respecting each other is of utmost importance. 🙂


  2. Hi andrei997,
    very nice question you asked.
    I will answer this just considering people I directly know, since I find difficult to deal with people I just read or heard of. In this case, I think my parents are the people I respect the most. Their positive attitude to life influenced and keeps influencing my choices and my own lifestyle, and I am extremely grateful to them for this gift.


  3. Hi andrei997:
    I respect the most someone that is truthful, confident, loyal, and passionate about what they do. Even more if the person aims to help the lives of others. You can always feel energized and motivated when you meet someone who has those qualities.