Question: What made you to move in Netherlands ? Do you enjoy living there ?

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  1. Hi anca160199
    it has been a combination of personal and professional reasons. My boyfriend had moved to the Netherlands, and thus I started looking for a PhD position in that country. Luckily I found a very interesting project, and I was called for the job interview, and now, here I am!
    I am enjoying my time here in the North of Europe, although I must say I miss a lot my country, my family and my friends that are still in Italy. Here the weather is not so good as in Italy, and the people are, well, different from how we behave in the Southern part of Europe, moreover the landscape is a bit boring too (everything is flat, no mountains!), but cities are great, and the sea as well. After few years, I have learned to appreciate some aspects of the Dutch society: it takes a lot of time to understand another country’s mentality!
    However, being a phd student in the Netherlands allows you to travel a lot, so I can very often go to Italy or visit my friends living in different European countries.
    I think living for a while in a different country is a very good experience for my personal growth, and I would encourage everybody to make this experience, even if sometimes can be very tiring to re-start a life in a country that you do not know.
    I hope you will have the opportunity to experience it yourself, during your studies or your future job!