Question: Why do you participate in this chat?

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  1. I love communicating science and my research to people especially school children like yourself! I think scientists sometimes get caught up in academia and are only concerned with communicating their science to their peers. But the science that we do doesn’t just effect them, it effects everyone. So, it is important that everyone understands how our Earth formed and how it is still evolving. Also, I hope that by being able to chat with you, it might inspire you to become geoscientists some day! 🙂


  2. Hi Kaisa1g,

    I love talking about science and participating in such communication and outreach activities. This project will also provide the person winning it, through your votes to obtain a certain amount of funding to carry out such activities within his/her research institute or country.

    Unfortunately, science communication in Malta is still not fully developed, hence, if I win it, it would provide me with some funds to set up science communication targeted towards students.

    Hope this helps! 🙂


  3. I want my teaching to reach a global audience of students. I usually teach university students, but this event is rather unique. I get to communicate with students from different countries and help them understand more how scientists works, how geoscience works, and help to guide them in choosing a career. This event also helps me to sharpen my communication skills and to learn what do students at school and from different parts of the globe want to know.