Question: How they were created first life forms?

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  1. Hi rafa,
    I am not a biologist, so I don’t think I can answer properly this question. I do not know exactly how life began on our planet, and actually I think nobody really knows! There are many different theories, one of them, “the primordial soup”, we have discussed already in this question

    what are your views on the theory of primordial soup?

    but none at the moment got the definitive answer to which mechanisms allowed the first life forms to develop and reproduce on Earth.
    I really advise you to ask this question, a very fundamental one!, to a biologist and to a expert in this field.
    good luck with that!


  2. Hi Rafa,

    Unfortunately, as Anna mentioned, I did not do any research on this area, so I am not sure if I can answer you correctly, but as Anna pointed out, something similar on the primordial question was already raised by another student. Have a look at it! 🙂


  3. Hi Rafa:
    I don’t know much about it. It seems to me that the origin of life is a topic that we know little about. How exactly did life formed from the chemical components mentioned in the hypothesis? We don’t know and it is one of the most important questions to be answered as the answer will have repercussions to all life forms. If we learn how it forms, will we be able to replicate it on another planet? This is why science is so interesting. It takes you near the limits of human abilities and challenges us in the most difficult way.

    Saying that, the best hypothesis states that amino acids in the ocean combined with carbon dioxide to form the first one-celled organisms. These organisms used the sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen via photosynthesis. The accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere during billions of years was key for the formation of ozone layer in the atmosphere. This layer served as a shield against harmful ultraviolet light and more organisms were able to form. Then evolution took charge and millions of years later, we are the result of that process.