Question: How do people see you? Do they treat you differently?

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Not at all! We scientists are normal human beings as well. I have friends from all walks of life. At least, I was never seen in a different light just because I was a scientist! 🙂


  2. Hi Alex,
    scientists are renown to be “smart”, so sometimes, when you first meet a person, he/she thinks you are smart just because you are a scientist. However, this thing, as you might expect, lasts only on the first day 🙂
    Once you start chatting with the other person, he/she will soon find out if you are really smart and funny, no matter which job you’re doing, or if you are not, even if you are a scientist (it may well be!).
    So indeed, I think it’s a card you can play for the first 5 minutes to impress the boys (or the girls), but then your personality will come out, no matter your profession 😉
    ..and indeed, I have friends from all different backgrounds, scientists and not scientists, and I will always be the same Anna for all of them, even if I will change my job!


  3. Hi Alex:
    I think that people see me just as another person. And that is the way that I portray myself. Now, sometimes there are people that are surprised when they learn that I am a scientist because they had made assumptions. For example, some think that I look too young to be a scientist. Others are intrigued because they have never met a geologist and then confuse my work with geography. Only students will treat me differently because I am their professor and I have a say in their final grades!