Question: Don't you think that if a person was to cut a whole tree off, then they have to plant 10 more trees so that there levels of global warming can decrease?

  1. Hi 6fkabrea,

    Whilst that’s a good plan, I wouldn’t feel like it was necessary to plant so many more trees. Maybe 1 or 2. And there are other ways to help reduce climate change which may be easier such as turning off appliances if you are not using them or not driving as much to places and walking or taking public transport instead. I think a combination of planting trees with these could be a good solution 🙂


  2. Hi 6fkabrea, I’d have to agree with Rehemat’s answer. This actually what logging companies do though. I don’t know the exact laws and regulations but all the trees they cut down they are required to plant a certain number of trees.


  3. I agree that we need to replace the trees that we cut. The trees use the carbon dioxide, provide shade, reduce erosion, and serve as home to animals. Now plantain more trees may not be enough to decrease the effects of global warming. We need to be aggressive with our reduction of energy use and waste.


  4. Dear 6fkabrea,

    If only every had your same mentality then the world would be a better place. In some countries there are laws and legislations which logging companies have to abide to, that is, they would need to plant a certain amount of trees, after having removed older trees. Unfortunately, not all countries have these laws and I do agree that in some locations we end up with no greenery and hence global warming being affected.

    Apart from the question of global warming, I also see it as future generations being unable to enjoy the country-side.

    Hopefully, the future generation will have more people who have a similar mentality to yours and we can slow down climate change and have a greener and healthier future.

    Hope this answers your question! 🙂


  5. Hi 6fkabrea, indeed this could be a good start but as Daniel pointed out, this is definitely not enough to repair the damages to the environment we already did. I think the attitude of the future, if we want to keep on enjoying life on this little planet, has to be slightly more “active” in this regard. For example: ask that person why, at first, did he or she cut that tree? was it really necessary? we cannot go around cutting trees and then feel better if we plant 10 of them. We have to respect what we have now, and change our way of “consuming” the world now, because in 20 years (when the newly planted trees will be grown) will be probably too late.