Question: What is the possibility that the Sahara desert can average its territory in the next 1000 years? How this phenomenon could interact with the rising of the waters' level caused by the global warming?

  1. Hi Irinamartis,

    This is a very good question. I start from the fact that I never researched this area, but I have done some reading on this interesting topic in the past. As for your first question, unfortunately, I completely cannot answer your question. I have never done any research on it, and I do not know or ever came across any papers on this topic.

    In terms of how it would interact with the rising water level, I believe that it would provide more moisture to places like the Sahara desert and hence allow more vegetation to live in such places.

    I am sorry that I cannot give you a complete answer on this topic, but I do hope that the little information I provided you with is helpful. 🙂