Question: Is the Moon a piece from our planet?

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  1. Hi tibi29:
    The best hypothesis indicates that the Moon formed from the pieces that resulted from a collision between an asteroid the size of Mars, and the Earth. This happened very early in the history of the Earth (4.5 billion years ago) as suggested by the ages of Moon rocks collected by astronauts. Scientists have recently analyzed the geochemistry of those rocks to describe the geochemical signature of the colliding asteroid. So, yes we can consider the Moon to form from pieces of that collision which includes a piece of Earth.


  2. Hi Tibi29,

    I think Daniel provided you with an extremely good answer to your question. Not sure, I can add any more to it, apart from providing you with a short documentary on the birth of the moon:

    Hope it helps! 🙂


  3. Hi tibi29! great question! I had to ask my office mate (he is an aero-spacial engineer, so he knows a lot about this stuff!) and the answer is: most probably it is, or at least part of the Moon comes from Earth.
    The theory (still not 100% proved, but widely accepted) is that once upon a time, when Earth was still very hot, and had not a completely solid crust like it has now, a huge object (as big as Mars!) impacted our planet, and part of this object and part of the Earth that broke after this impact have formed what is the Moon now.
    They had a confirmation of this when they went up to the Moon, and they collected some rocks. Once on Earth, they analysed them and they found that the composition of Moon rocks is surprisingly similar to the one on Earth. Too similar!
    The only explanation so far is indeed that these Moon rocks actually come…from the early Earth. Fascinating, isn’it?
    Apparently, our solar system was a very dangerous place to orbit around, in those days…