Question: Was it discovered if Atlantis Island have ever existed ?

  1. Hi irinamartis,
    this is indeed a fascinating question, and actually very well timed, since I just came back from the Azores, that are one of the locations often referred to as possible “Atlantis”.
    Well, it’s about 2000 years we are searching for this lost island? land? and no, we never found any definitive proof that it has ever existed.
    Some one is also arguing it could be an imaginary place, that Plato just invented for an allegory.
    A “scientific” approach would be to answer that Atlantis never existed, or at least we have no proofs so far, but I am a dreamer and I love mythological tales, so I will always keep an eye open when sailing on the Atlantic Ocean 😉



  1. Thank you.


    • you are very welcome! subjects in between science and myth always fascinate me as well.