Question: What do you know about Mud Volcanoes from Romania?

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  1. Hi Robert,

    Not a lot, however I do know that they can be a few metres in height and the soil in the surrounding areas is very salty, therefore there is not a lot of vegatation present around the volcanoes.

    It would be amazing to visit them at some point, they sound really interesting!


  2. Hi robert! I don’t really know much about these mud volcanoes from Romania. But I looked at some pictures on Google and they are really impressive. I would love to go visit them someday!


  3. Hi Robert, to be honest it’s the first time I hear about them. I also looked it up in the internet, the landscape looks really amazing over there, I hope to have the occasion to visit these places, someday in the future.


  4. Hi Robert:
    I don’t know much about them. I can see from search on Google that there seems to be natural gas from depth coming out at the surface with clay, mud, and water. The landscape is beautiful and seems from another planet. I am familiar with mud volcanoes formed in the forearm of subduction zones, where over pressured water comes brings mud and serpentinite out on the seafloor. I suppose that what happens in Romania is similar, except that it is on the continent and without serpentinite.


  5. Hi Robert,

    Unfortunately, like the other scientists, I have never done any research on them as such.

    A quick Google search provides me with a brief overview, to understand that it is a very interesting topic. Who knows? Perhaps, in the future I’ll get to research this topic.

    Perhaps you could provide us with some further information on it? 🙂



  1. Thank you, guys !