Rehemat Bhatia

Photo: Rehemat

Me and my Work: I study tiny fossil plankton called foraminifera and look at the chemistry of their skeletons to look at how climate has changed through time

Status: was great fun being a geoscientist during this event - good luck to the rest of the geoscientists taking part :)

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Jesse Davenport

Photo: Jesse

Me and my Work: I work with rocks, sediment and river water from the Himalayan Tibetan Plateau to try to solve and reconstruct past climate change and the history of the coliision of India with Asia.

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What can u tell me about volcanic ash?

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Denise De Gaetano

Photo: Denise

Me and my Work: I statistically analysis (I prefer calling it playing) with numbers.

Status: Enjoying this experience! :)

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Daniel Lao Davila

Photo: Daniel

Me and my Work: I am a structural geologist who conducts research and teach university students about the wonders of geology.

Status: Enjoying and answering the questions posted by students!

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Anna Rabitti

Photo: Anna

Me and my Work: I am an Italian girl currently living on a tiny Dutch Island in the North Sea and studying waves deep inside the ocean.

Status: Yeah! thanks!

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How Earth got its form?

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