Question: Will the sun ever burn out? And if that happens, will that be the end of our Solar System?

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  1. hi danut, that’s a really good question! Yes, the sun will some day burn out, but that will not be for billions of years! All glaciers on earth will melt and eventually all water will be gone and Earth will turn into a planet sort of similar to Venus and everything will melt as it gets hotter and hotter. The sun will eventually become bigger and bigger consuming all of the planets in its path until the sun explodes! At least that is the way I understand, maybe one of the other guys could explain it better!


  2. Hi danut,
    We are part of the Universe, and thanks to our telescopes we already saw stars being born and die. So it will happen also to our star, the Sun, there is nothing strange with it. Of course it sounds weird because the Sun is the star we all depend on, however, most likely, no human being will be present at the moment, or at least not from the Earth nor from our solar system. If we, as humans, will survive that long, we’ll be smart enough to run away on time 😉


  3. Hi Danut:
    Yes, it seems that the Sun will run out of energy like other stars in the universe. When that happens (5 billion years from now) the Sun will grow into a red giant and its surface will reach the orbit of the Earth. Then, it will lose its outer mass and change into a white dwarf (small luminous star). All of these changes would be catastrophic to life on Earth and the actual coherence of the interior planets. So, yes, the clock is ticking for the human race to find out how to move out of the Solar System and to other homes. Fortunately, we today do not have to worry about it.


  4. Hi Danut,

    Thanks for your question.

    Some day it will! I use a telescope in my leisure time and I do observe planets that are dying. Hence, unfortunately, as the other scientists have mentioned, yes, the sun will someday die as well!

    The other scientists, have explained it pretty well, so I would not really have much to add! 🙂